Bible Explorers

Sunday School meets at 9:45 AM to about 10:45 AM. It is a great time to join in the discipleship ministry of our church.

Our classes dig deep into God’s word, into prayer for each other and the needs of our community, and into a lot of great fellowship! If you walk around the church in this hour you’ll hear a lot of activity, teaching, and laughter!

The Bible Explorers class is geared toward those adults aging between 25-55. We aim to teach them from Gods Word. Using Gods Word to strengthen and encourage them, help them overcome struggles they may face on a daily basis, or help them become the spiritual leaders that they desire to be.

This class meets every Sunday morning from 9:45 until 11am and is led by Brenda Hodges.

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We will resume regular church service on July 5th. There will still be no Sunday School. We will still be on Facebook Live as well as have our FM frequency in use for those who do not want to go inside yet.